Modern therapy

I believe in integrity, improvement and acceptance. I help people with any doubts or issues to figure things out. I don’t have all the answers and everyone is different. But I do have suggestions tailored to you and your circumstances. I am not afraid to hold your hand through chaos.



One session or ten sessions?

Something about the past, or a decision to make now?

In need of advice, or just need to vent?

All are perfectly fine. There is no harm is expression, in concerns, in questions, in communication.

I am willing to talk through whatever it is you may have concerns about and hopefully help you understand yourself better. I aim to support you, motivate you and allow you to be happy and move forward in a positive direction.

I am still gaining experience and will forever be learning. My services can be given over the phone or in person, I also offer a unique active walking session, for those who are feeling unsettled, energetic, or simply want to be amongst nature.

My nature walks are therapeutic in themselves. It’s light exercise, it’s grounding, it’s good for your eyesight, it raises you vibration and being in nature is linked to mental well being. Reconnecting with all the living things outdoors helps you gain new perspectives and feel closer to yourself.

If you are unsure what is best for you, no worries, a free consultation is required over the phone, prior to a session, for me to see what best suits your needs.



I have lived in Switzerland, the Caribbean, New Zealand and am currently based in the UK.

I have taken courses in psychotherapy and CBT after graduating with a BA in Psychology and I now continue to learn different therapeutic methods. I am currently undertaking life coaching and counselling courses.


Relevant Experience and Education

Animas life coach
Current Trainee

Consulting Intern
Mustique Company
2018 - 2019

B.A Psychology
University of Otago
2014- 2017

Online supporter/ modulator


Current Volunteer


English - Fluent

French- Fluent

Italian- Fluent

Spanish- Intermediate



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“Anouk’s help has been immeasurable. I recommend therapy to everyone, and you can’t look past Anouk for somebody who’s exceptional at listening, evaluating and identifying the areas I needed to strengthen and heal in myself.”
— Harvey, London
I was feeling overwhelmed, upset and a little lost. Anouk helped me get back on my feet and move forward at my own pace and was very supportive!
— Anais, Boston
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to discuss or why I was feeling the way I was. I went through a lot and Anouk made me feel like she was right there with me, she didn’t hold back and was very genuine in the way she responded
— Bella, Aukland